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Mulch reduces landscape maintenance by preventing weed growth. It also improves plant health by retaining moisture and insulating from soil temperature variations. Read more…

Note: Due to variations in monitors and color limitations on the Web, the colors on this site are approximate. Stop by any of our locations to see the actual product.

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Pine Bark Mulch Midnight Mulch Autumn Red Mulch Soils and Soil Conditioners Hardwood Mulch Playsoft Playground Mulch Pine Bark Fines Chocolate Chip Mulch
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Midnight Mulch

Exclusively ours!
Provides striking contrast for flowering plants.

Autumn Red Mulch

A deeper red for garden areas.

Hardwood Mulch

Rich brown tone for landscapes with less color.

Pine Bark Mulch

Finely-shredded; perfect for acid loving plants.

Playsoft Playground Mulch

Nationally certified for use in playgrounds.

Chocolate Chip Mulch

Long-lasting, deep brown mulch.

Pine Bark Fines

Enriches soil for acid-loving plants.

Soils and Soil Conditioners

Rich blends customized for your application.